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The Best Gemstone Jewellery for Clarity and Joy

Sentimental, spiritual, and alluring— gemstones have always captivated the human mind.

Sarah lived childhood along the shores of the sea and the mountains of Lebanon. That is where she connected with nature's art and colours. The good memories of her childhood always inspired her.

However, Sarah lived and travelled to many countries worldwide, finding serenity in nature's shades and stones. Her business journey began during the pandemic when uncertainties encircled her family. 

Beading jewellery was her way to find calmness in the chaos. That is where she connected with childhood, culture, and experience to create something unique. That was the first step in her business journey.

Market trading was essential to connect with her customers and acquire feedback. She traded in Greater London and surrounding areas, trading beaded, sterling silver, and gold-plated jewellery. 

She diversified her handmade jewellery. It included bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, studs, rings, anklets, keychains and bookmarks using semi-precious stones. Her recent addition was an exquisite collection of birthstone jewellery. We will cover a few birthstones and what they resemble. 

Understanding the Power of Gemstones 

Fashion fads and wellness trends often dictate how one dresses, accessories, and lives. However, healing crystals have been around for centuries. 

Many ancient cultures used crystals in their rituals and customs. We find proof of this in classic Greek and Roman texts, traditional Indian and Chinese medicines, African traditions, etc. 

The evil eye charms, for instance, are deeply rooted in Lebanese and Middle Eastern cultures. It inspired her to incorporate them into her beaded accessories[1]. A question that customers continually ask is, do these charms have such an effect? 

It all depends on what brings you happiness and well-being. Gemstone therapy is an ancient practice that many people use for different purposes. People use these beautiful gemstones for well-being, relieving stress, maintaining mind balance, and expelling evil spirits. 

According to an article in Oprah Daily,  our bodies contain "electromagnetic energy" that flows inside us. When used correctly, healing crystals can "direct and influence" our emotional, spiritual, and physical energy with their natural properties. 

Glamour UK elaborates on this by describing precious stones as a swirly mass of energy. The tiny powerhouse absorbs negative energy, transmits positive vibes, and rearranges blockages. In most instances, wearing a crystal close to your skin helps you experience these empowering properties. We introduce you to our favourite type of gemstone jewellery below. 

Find the Right Gemstone

For some people, it's like love at first sight. A gemstone may attract you because of its colour, shape, and design. Or you may experience a more profound connection when the gemstone's energy harmonises with yours.

It helps to take a moment before you decide on a specific stone. Here are some things to consider: 

Picking Gems for Positivity

Gemstones have transformative powers; you may want to wear them for spiritual reasons. In that case, remember that each crystal radiates a distinctive energy.

Some stones will pump up your energy and stimulate your creativity. On the other hand, some gemstones have a more grounding and calming effect. Ask yourself. "what do I want in life?" 

If you're looking for love, rose quartz is the ideal choice. And if you need clarity and inner peace, amethyst stones are the way to go. Basing your decision around your goals allows you to find a crystal that helps manifest that energy into your life. 

Using Gemstone Jewellery for Self-Expression 

Coloured gemstones make the perfect statement piece for everyday wardrobes and special occasions. If you want something to create a style statement, focus on the jewellery's design elements—colour, shape, and structure. 

For instance, pearl accessories can help you create a classic look. Or, you can add a boho-chic flair to your outfit by styling it with druzy quartz or Amazonite jewellery. 

Gifting Gemstone Jewellery to Someone Special 

Popular choices include buying jewellery based on birthstones or hidden meanings. Friends and family will appreciate the thought that goes into gifting crystals for positivity. 

An emerald ring could mean you admire their elegance and poise. Turquoise accessories can be your way of wishing them luck and peace on their birthday or graduation day. 

Suppose you're shopping for a significant other. In that case, choosing an accessory with extra sparkle and a gemstone placement makes your presence more meaningful. You can use precious stones to express your feelings for them. Rose quartz can symbolise the start of something new, while emeralds embody eternal love. 

Explore Sarasbeads' unique handmade jewellery in Richmond, Kingston, Harrow, and Wembley. Discover custom-designed bangles, earrings, and daisy jewellery that reflect your personal style.

The Alluring Amethyst

Amethysts are pretty purple stones in varying shades of vibrant violets and lilacs. They are synonymous with spiritual awakening and are famous for their grounding effect. Wearing amethyst jewellery invokes mindfulness in your life. 

Those struggling with emotional turmoil or grappling with an anxious-ridden mind find calmness through amethyst stones. These meditative crystals absorb negative energies and radiate positive vibes. They aid in reducing stress, impatience, anxious thoughts, and anger. Moreover, you can use amethyst to promote spiritual awakening.

Our gold-plated amethyst pendant and earrings perfectly encapsulate the serene power of these purple stones. These accessories add a glamorous element to everyday outfits without appearing too flashy. In turn, reflecting the cool, calm, and collected persona you want to embody. 

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Explore Sarasbeads' unique handmade jewellery in Richmond, Kingston, Harrow, and Wembley. Discover custom-designed bangles, earrings, and daisy jewellery that reflect your personal style.

The Enchanting Emerald

Enchanting emeralds mirror the greenness of the grass and the iridescent sea waves. Emeralds are symbols of renewal, reproduction, and knowledge. You'll find emeralds in tiaras and royal jewellery for this reason. 

An emerald stone can energise the mind and body with positive energy for everyday use. The newfound energy can boost your mood and rekindle your passion for hobbies, career goals, and other life aspects. People aiming for personal development and professional growth can tap into the power of these crystals with emerald accessories. 

Moreover, emerald stones also represent eternal love. You can use gemstone jewellery to celebrate long-term relationships and connections. 

Our emerald drop pendant and triangle earrings capture the alluring aura of these green stones. This accessory can help you radiate positivity and enthusiasm towards your life and work.

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Explore Sarasbeads' unique handmade jewellery in Richmond, Kingston, Harrow, and Wembley. Discover custom-designed bangles, earrings, and daisy jewellery that reflect your personal style.

The Serene Sapphire

Deep blue and enigmatic as the Mediterranean Sea, sapphire evokes strength and intuitive wisdom. The power of the crystals lies in their stimulating effects. These precious stones harmonise the mind, body, and soul with these transformative properties. It promotes mental focus and stimulates intuitive thoughts by clearing away the negative feelings that may inhibit productivity. 

Removing mental blockages can also boost confidence and promote effective communication. These properties make it a good choice for individuals who want to fine-tune their creative and artistic capabilities. 

Sapphire stones are prominent in luxury gemstone jewellery, like rings and pendants. These accessories can help you encircle yourself with upbeat energy and a sense of balance. 

It also adds a regal element to your outfit, making it a suitable choice for special events. 

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Explore Sarasbeads' unique handmade jewellery in Richmond, Kingston, Harrow, and Wembley. Discover custom-designed bangles, earrings, and daisy jewellery that reflect your personal style.

The Tranquil Turquoise

Turquoise stones are popular in Mediterranean gemstone jewellery, making them Sara's favourite beads to work with. These stones echo the more peaceful side of nature by reflecting the clear blue sky and calm sea.

These mineral stones support your need to stay grounded. They have a calming effect on the mind and soul, making it easier for people who feel disconnected to find their bearings again. 

Moreover, its gentle presence invites compassion and helps you build meaningful relationships with your surroundings. You may also use its cheerful colour to express your decision to adopt a sustainable, mindful lifestyle.  

Our natural turquoise bracelets fit every style and occasion. You can opt for this pretty accessory to emulate your optimistic worldview. Or seek its stability to endure a problematic change or testing time. 

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Explore Sarasbeads' unique handmade jewellery in Richmond, Kingston, Harrow, and Wembley. Discover custom-designed bangles, earrings, and daisy jewellery that reflect your personal style.

The Radiant Rose Quarts

The Rose Quartz replicates the soft sunset skies and pastel shades of spring, evoking calmness and gentleness. That is why people associate gemstones with pure love. Its amplifying effects increase feelings of compassion, empathy, and endearment. 

One can wear gemstone jewellery from rose quartz to get lucky in love. Or to build a deeper connection with family and friends. 

Like most crystals, it presents diverse benefits. The stone's connection to the heart reflects its power to support emotional stability and calmness. You may use it to become more attuned with inner thoughts and feelings. 

In this way, rose quartz can mark the start of an introspective journey of self-care and mindfulness. 

Our natural rose quartz bracelet weaves a playful and positive vibe to your everyday accessories. Its subtle, sophisticated look makes you more optimistic about love and life. 

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Each gemstone offers something unique, from soothing turquoise to peaceful rose quartz. Their presence can change your outlook and bring positive energy your way. Explore Sarasbeads and Jewellery and select the gemstones that bring you happiness.

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