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Sterling Silver v Silver Plated: What's the difference?

When purchasing silver jewellery, it is essential to distinguish between sterling silver and silver-plated pieces. At Saras Beads & Jewellery, a renowned name in silver jewellery in the UK, we explore the nuances of sterling silver versus silver-plated jewellery to help you make informed choices.

The Allure of Silver Jewellery

Silver jewellery has captivated hearts for centuries with its timeless beauty and versatility. Silver remains popular for everyday wear and special occasions, from elegant silver bracelets and rings to stunning necklaces and pendants.

What is sterling silver?

Sterling silver is a high-quality alloy of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, typically copper. This combination enhances the silver's durability and strength, making it suitable for crafting exquisite jewellery that stands the test of time.

Benefits of Sterling Silver Jewellery

Durability: Sterling silver jewellery is more durable and resistant to tarnishing compared to pure silver.

Hypoallergenic: Sterling silver's copper content reduces the risk of allergic reactions, making it suitable for sensitive skin.

Value: Sterling silver retains intrinsic value due to its silver content and craftsmanship. Understanding silver-plated jewellery

Silver-plated jewellery, on the other hand, consists of a base metal (such as brass or copper) coated with a thin layer of silver. While silver-plated pieces offer a similar aesthetic to sterling silver at a lower cost, they have distinct differences in quality and longevity.

Critical Differences Between Sterling Silver and Silver Plated

Composition: Sterling silver contains more pure silver (92.5%) than silver-plated jewellery, with a thin layer of silver coating over a base metal.

Durability: Sterling silver is more durable and resistant to tarnishing over time, whereas silver-plated jewellery may tarnish or wear with frequent use.

Value: Sterling silver retains value due to its precious metal content, making it a preferred choice for investment and heirloom pieces.

Investing in Quality: Saras Beads & Jewellery' Sterling Silver Collection

At Saras Beads & Jewellery, we take pride in our sterling silver jewellery collection, featuring a range of meticulously crafted pieces, including bracelets, rings, necklaces, and pendants. Each item is designed to showcase the beauty and durability of sterling silver, offering timeless elegance and exceptional craftsmanship.

Exploring Saras Beads & Jewellery' Silver Jewellery 

Range Discover our exquisite silver jewellery range, which includes:

Silver Bracelets: From sleek bangles to charm bracelets, our collection of sterling silver bracelets adds a touch of sophistication to any ensemble.

Silver Rings: Explore our selection of sterling silver rings featuring intricate designs and gemstone embellishments.

Silver Necklaces: Adorn your neckline with our elegant silver necklaces, available in various lengths and styles.

Silver Pendants: Complete your look with a sterling silver pendant, showcasing unique motifs and meaningful symbols.

The Charm of Evil Eye Bracelets in Silver

Among our distinctive offerings is the evil eye bracelet in silver, a symbol of protection and warding off negativity. Our evil eye bracelets combine traditional symbolism with contemporary design, making them popular choices for personal wear and thoughtful gifts.

Why Choose Saras Beads & Jewellery for Silver Jewellery?

When you choose Saras Beads & Jewellery, you're selecting more than just jewellery; you're investing in quality, craftsmanship, and authenticity. Explore our stunning collection of sterling silver jewellery and discover pieces that resonate with your style and individuality.


The choice ultimately boils down to quality, longevity, and value in the debate between sterling silver and silver-plated jewellery. Saras Beads & Jewellery invites you to embrace the allure of sterling silver jewellery and experience the timeless elegance of meticulously crafted pieces that elevate every occasion. Explore our silver jewellery collection today and indulge in the beauty of Saras Beads & Jewellery' craftsmanship.

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